Will Modi become India’s PM in 2014?

The debate seems quite settled for now, if we go by the result of opinion polls.

But these poll results are deceptive, and a lot depends on the way in which they were conducted.

Great many writers have written critiques on Opinion Polls, and I feel I am inadequately skilled to discuss their efficacy.

However, all of them are corroborating one result: decimation of Congress. 

That, in itself, is a good news. But Congress has shown this ability of metamorphosing into a power house, in the very next Elections.

So, 2014 results do not say much about long-term future prospects of Congress. Its only consequence would be a setback for Rahul Gandhi. Whether that setback remains temporary or permanent, it depends upon the next government’s performance across the entire spectrum of Indian Society.

If they perform, the ‘Vanvaas’ for Congress would be prolonged. If they do not, I have no hassle in saying that Congress will come back to power once again to suck the last remaining blood of Indian society.

It is within this context, that I raised the question: Will Modi become PM?

The question even now appears tricky, and the answer even more trickier.

Any great leader worth his salt, who actually grew their stature by their own sword had two enemies: one in the Royal Castle, and the other inside enemy fort. For rising to the pinnacle of power, they all subdued or removed those internal challengers and only upon consolidating their hold over his own people that they undertook the task to fight an enemy king.

Modi, it appears, has already completed the half task by removing those challenging him, and his grip over BJP is strong. And, if BJP gets strong mandate, his grip over BJP will become firm. In fact, this is the path that he has already once followed in Gujarat BJP, and must not find much difficulty in replicating the success at national stage.

Then, comes the struggle to annihilate the Congress party. He knows, that if he fails to deliver, he would never be voted back to power. So, coupled with development works, he would try to throw Congress party in disarray by stoking rebellion through ranks, a la Indira Gandhi.

It is only once that Congress is demoralised and destroyed, that then he can hope to take the nation forward.  

Injustice with Hindus not highlighted

This is a report published in BBC, but not in any MSM outlet.
And, they still say that colour of terror is saffron.


Saraswati Rani Das ran for her life with her two young children when a Muslim mob rampaged through her village in the southern Noakhali district of Bangladesh.

Mrs Das broke down repeatedly as she tried to explain how their tiny tin-roof house was destroyed and set on fire.

The attack started hours after a senior hardline Islamist leader was sentenced to death by a special tribunal in late February.

Jamaat-e-Islami party Vice President Delwar Hossain Sayedee was given a death sentence for crimes committed during the war of independence from Pakistan in 1971.

The sentencing triggered a wave of angry protests from the Islamist party’s supporters. In many districts, buildings and vehicles were damaged. More than 60 people were killed in clashes with the security forces.

Living in fear

Minority Hindu and Buddhist communities bore the brunt of the attacks as their houses and temples were vandalised and burnt down.

 Nurul Alam Bhuiyan

This should not have happened. We feel sorry about it. It is not in the Holy Koran”

Nurul Alam BhuiyanNoakhali district cleric

“We heard the mob was coming towards our house. So, we just ran away. Our house was completely burnt. They looted all our belongings, including our savings. We have lost everything,” Mrs Das says.

The village of Aladin Nagar, about 120km (75 miles) south of the capital Dhaka, was strewn with torn tin sheets, broken glass, food grain, damaged books and burnt bicycles.

Its residents have been living in fear since the attack and are afraid that they may be targeted again.

Hindu community leaders allege that the attacks were co-ordinated and widespread. So far, they say, more than 50 temples have been damaged and more than 1,500 houses destroyed in the attacks, which took place in nearly 20 districts over the last few weeks.

In some villages near the southern city of Chittagong, statues of Buddha were damaged and Buddhist temples were vandalised.

But the authorities say that such crimes will not go unpunished.

“We are fully committed to protecting the minorities. We have taken enough measures so that these people are not attacked in the future. We have also provided sufficient relief,” Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir told the BBC.

‘Targeted again’

Hindus make up nearly 10% of the population of about 153 million in this Muslim-majority nation. The two communities live side by side in villages across Bangladesh.

Saraswati Rani Das Saraswati Rani Das and her children had to run for their lives when the village was attacked

Muslim community leaders have condemned the attacks.

“This should not have happened. We feel sorry about it. It is not in the Holy Koran,” Noakhali district cleric Mohammad Nurul Alam Bhuiyan said.

While people like Mrs Das witnessed communal violence for the first time, Hindu businessmen like Subash Chandra Ghosh in southern Satkhira district say it was similar to what happened to them in 1971, when Bangladesh fought a bloody nine-month war against Pakistan to gain independence.

“In 1971, our house was damaged and our neighbour’s house was set on fire by anti-liberation forces. We are being targeted again. What should we do?” laments Mr Ghosh, who fought for independence.

Some say the minorities are attacked because they mostly support the governing Awami League party and are a soft target.

Bangladesh has long prided itself on its secular values – but that image has taken a knock following the recent violence.

Buddhist villages in Cox’s Bazar district also came under attack by Muslim mobs last year, when an image allegedly insulting the Koran was posted on Facebook by a Buddhist youth. Many Buddhist temples were vandalised in the subsequent violence.

War crimes

Investigations by the local media later revealed the youth had nothing to do with the incident.

Damaged Hindu artefacts in Aladin NagarHindu artefacts were destroyed in the mob attack in Aladin Nagar

The independence war came to an end after India sent in troops on behalf of the Bengalis. More than 90,000 Pakistani soldiers and officers surrendered to the Indian army and were taken as prisoners of war.

Official estimates say more than three million were killed and tens of thousands of women raped during the war. The minority Hindu community suffered disproportionately because some Pakistanis blamed them for Bangladesh’s secession.

A special tribunal in Bangladesh is prosecuting those accused of collaborating with Pakistani forces and carrying out atrocities more than 40 years ago.

The recent violence is mainly blamed on the opposition Jamaat-e-Islami party, whose leaders are facing war crimes at the tribunal. But the party – which opposed Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan – denies the charges.

“The Jamaat-e-Islami is a peaceful political party and they do not encourage any violent activities. People who took part in the attack on minorities belong to other political parties,” asserts Mohammad Tajul Islam, a Jamaat leader in Noakhali district.

Hindu community leaders say the attacks are systematic and have been going on for years. They say they are not only carried out by hardline Islamists but also by supporters of other mainstream political parties, including the Awami League and the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

The aim of the violence, Hindu leaders allege, is to grab land and other property. As a result, they say, many Hindus are fleeing to India to escape harassment, intimidation and violence.

“In 1947, Hindus constituted around 30% of the population,” says Subroto Chowdhury, a Hindu community leader in Dhaka.

“Now it is less than 10%. Hindus are being warned to leave so that locals can take over their land and houses.

“Our community is being persecuted.”

But Mr Alamgir, the home minister, says historically there have been movement of Hindus to India and Muslims to Bangladesh – because of various incidents.

“These are aberrations. The governments of the two countries are determined to make sure that they stay in full peace and security.”

And people like Mr Ghosh say they will resist attempts to drive them away from Bangladesh.

“This is our motherland and we have been living here for 25 generations. We cannot imagine of leaving this land. This is our country.”





The actual truth behind riots of 2002 will never make it to the common folks, thanks to the paid-media cabal.
But, the social-media is making up the gap with astounding speed.
The divisive questions raised by Digvijay Singh are not only answered back by Modi with rationality, but he does drop a bombshell with his question on the Doggy.


It’s been a year that this incident happened.
Actually this was the trigger which got me to read Pakistani papers to understand their psyche.
To my surprise, i found lots of sane voices there.
However, Pakistan’s dismal literacy rate, and inability of it’s English-conversant class to affect general public discourse showed prminently, and now we have no news of her.
Whatever, I will always remember Rinkle Kumari, as she was the reason why I got interested in analyzing Islamic extremism closely, and coming to conclusion that the minorities in Muslim countries will always be a misfit.

The ‘Other’



Last month some 85 young Shia- Hazaras were killed.
Newspaper editorials were lamenting the loss of once tolerant Pakistan, and it’s slide into the abyss of sactarian hatred. 

Today, some 60 have already lost their lives, most among them include children and women. This hatred is ripping Pakistan apart.

And, for an Indian like me, and to be precise a Hindu, it is still mind-boggling as to why the hatred has grown for the ‘other’ so much that they can’t even tolerate their existence.

Although in last one month I have read a bit about the basic difference between the respective doctrines of Shias and Sunnis, and can understand the cause for enmity among them.
Yet to kill each other with such vengence requires a mind conditioned with hatred over years, so that even the mere face of the ‘other’ can trigger up so much emotions that you are ready to kill them with their childrens, mothers and sisters.

All this brings to my mind a scene from the movie called ISHQUIYA
in which after a bloody fight among the locals Arshad Warsi breathes a sigh and tells Naseeruddin Shah that ‘ theyare lucky as among Hindus, their is fight going on between Pandeys, Tiwaris and Yadavs’.

Now, I have no shame in declaring that I am lucky that I am a Hindu, and we are not fighting  like the muslims who are killing each other for being Shia, Sunni, Alwaite’.

A great compilation by Agnostic Bhartiya of TRUTH from the only Truthful sources that are available about Medieval Indian History: the Islamic sources themselves.

Kalkiagnostic's Blog




They say truth shall set you free… so here’s the truth

It’s the truth about the Islamic Invasion of india (from the works of Islamic Historians themselves) as to how peaceful that invasion was ( ? )

If you are marxist historian (or a pseudo secularist) who chanced upon my page..i welcome you with a caution ..don’t throw adhominems against me in your comments as they may get deleted.

But i encourage you to refute any portion of this post with logic, reason or facts.

Happy learninging 🙂

Let’s examine a piece* of peaceful Islamic Ghazis (other than the moghuls) first.

*Mahmud of Ghazni & Allaudin Khilji




Translated from the Persian Version of the Contemporary Arabic Chronicle of


The Kitab-i-Yamini of Al…

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Beheading: Really Barbaric?

The recent beheading of two Indian soldiers and subsequent mutilation of their bodies by 29 Baloch Regiment and LeT militants has generated a lot of anger on the Indian side. Though a lot of soldiers have lost their lives in cross-border firing, yet the killings do not enrage the public. The anger was at the mode of killing: Beheading.
So, the question that should naturally come to our mind is: whether Beheading is really that
gruesome and barbaric as we Indians are making it out to be.

Decapitation( or beheading) is an ancient form of punishment, and has been part of human society since eons. In some cultures, decapitation has been considered honourable form of punishment.
In Islamic societies, however, the punishment by beheading is considered a fitting one for a ‘Kaffir’.
That beheading is entirely islamic and sanctioned by Sharia can be seen from the article .


Now, keeping this in mind, you have to recall the war cry of Pakistani army:
Iman, taqwa Jihad fi Sabillah

(Faith, Piety & struggle in the path of Allah).

So an army which professess to uphold the way of Allah, and takes oath upon quoran should be normally expected to behave islamically.
Also the world may have moved on and has started recognising beheading as barbaric, yet quoranic words are the same for all times.
They are never to be shelved for any innovation( biddah). And all that matters for a believer is quoran. So when he beheads, he is of clean conscience, following what quoran says.
Those two beheadings were exactly the manifestation of Islamic leanigs of pakistani army.
They are not wrong in the least when they behead a Kaffir soldier.

The only people who are on the wrong side are the hindus. They have a thousand year history to learn how muslims would treat them the moment they are found napping.

But, alas! Hindus refuse to learn, and thus gift away the precious life of their soldiers under the show of AMAN KI ASHA.

Right is gaining might

It’s been a long time that India attained freedom, some 65 years back.

And since then, the only thought popular in our mainstream media is leftist, and seldom, it turned towards center.

But rarely, if ever, was it towards right of the spectrum. And, therefore, this segment felt muzzled, and simply couldn’t fathom the way to make it’s voice heard.

But, technology changes. And with it, changes the popular medium of communication. Just before the INTERNET AGE, TV was at it’s peak, but it is slowly being displaced, and INTERNET is making it’s presence felt in all aspects of life.

And, the most cut-throat competition has been in the field of OPINION-FORMULATION. And, smarter players were smart enough to forsee this potential. So they invested heavily in it at early stages.

And the results are there for all to see.

TOI leads all other groups with a huge margin, followed by THE HINDU, HINDUSTAN TIMES, INDIAN EXPRESS.

Then comes the world of magazines. INDIA TODAY along with OUTLOOK leads the pack, with TEHELKA following at distant third.

However, the thing that i want to point out is that almost each and every of them are left-leaning, and extremely liberal. TOI  and INDIA TODAY, can be placed a little away from extreme left, but then they form a part of  paid-media cabal, who parrot the line of establishment, led by CONGRESS.

And, it was under these forces that India was chained for the first 63 years of independence. But, roughly begining 2010 and following Twitter revolution, world has all of a sudden changed.

Right is finding roots everywhere. They, in the most disorganised form, included individuals who were sick of mainstream media and want to hear the other side of the story. Disappointed, they frantically searched for the other side. But, that was non-existent. At the max, they would get some supporting views in comment sections of these papers. And these paper gave space to their view to increase hit-count on their sites.

Initially, they were content in knowing that they are not some genetic-mutants who were alone in their line of thinking. As the time went by their tribe grew. And it grew exponentially.

And has grown so much, that today we find the comment section of any of these newspaper dominated by nationalist narrative, with seething anger directed towards the Congress party.

And thus, came the time to tap this anger. To actually make these nationalist attempts meaningful, one needed to give them space to actually be a part of the system. Thus, we have seen various Media 0utlets  now giving space to right as well. JAGANNATHAN and VENKY VEMBU on firstpost.com are one such example.

However, there is also proliferation of groups catering exclusively to this segment.

Before i name any of these, it is imperative that we must first bow our head to Mr Chandan Mitra.

It was he who carried the torch of pro-hindu media burning, with his  http://www.dailypioneer.com/ alone for years.

And now we have seen several such attempts:

http://www.niticentral.com   is one such novel attempt by Mr Kanchan Gupta.

http://centreright.in/   is one more.

And i pray to God to bless them with success.

One further additions to the list includes :


I will keep updating the list to expand and include various others.

Another notable addition to the list is:


A legendary, and devoted soul working since long, to call the bluff of our Pseudo-secular Main Stream Media.
His insightful analysis and brilliant rebuttals are a delight to read.