It’s been a long time that India attained freedom, some 65 years back.

And since then, the only thought popular in our mainstream media is leftist, and seldom, it turned towards center.

But rarely, if ever, was it towards right of the spectrum. And, therefore, this segment felt muzzled, and simply couldn’t fathom the way to make it’s voice heard.

But, technology changes. And with it, changes the popular medium of communication. Just before the INTERNET AGE, TV was at it’s peak, but it is slowly being displaced, and INTERNET is making it’s presence felt in all aspects of life.

And, the most cut-throat competition has been in the field of OPINION-FORMULATION. And, smarter players were smart enough to forsee this potential. So they invested heavily in it at early stages.

And the results are there for all to see.

TOI leads all other groups with a huge margin, followed by THE HINDU, HINDUSTAN TIMES, INDIAN EXPRESS.

Then comes the world of magazines. INDIA TODAY along with OUTLOOK leads the pack, with TEHELKA following at distant third.

However, the thing that i want to point out is that almost each and every of them are left-leaning, and extremely liberal. TOI  and INDIA TODAY, can be placed a little away from extreme left, but then they form a part of  paid-media cabal, who parrot the line of establishment, led by CONGRESS.

And, it was under these forces that India was chained for the first 63 years of independence. But, roughly begining 2010 and following Twitter revolution, world has all of a sudden changed.

Right is finding roots everywhere. They, in the most disorganised form, included individuals who were sick of mainstream media and want to hear the other side of the story. Disappointed, they frantically searched for the other side. But, that was non-existent. At the max, they would get some supporting views in comment sections of these papers. And these paper gave space to their view to increase hit-count on their sites.

Initially, they were content in knowing that they are not some genetic-mutants who were alone in their line of thinking. As the time went by their tribe grew. And it grew exponentially.

And has grown so much, that today we find the comment section of any of these newspaper dominated by nationalist narrative, with seething anger directed towards the Congress party.

And thus, came the time to tap this anger. To actually make these nationalist attempts meaningful, one needed to give them space to actually be a part of the system. Thus, we have seen various Media 0utlets  now giving space to right as well. JAGANNATHAN and VENKY VEMBU on are one such example.

However, there is also proliferation of groups catering exclusively to this segment.

Before i name any of these, it is imperative that we must first bow our head to Mr Chandan Mitra.

It was he who carried the torch of pro-hindu media burning, with his alone for years.

And now we have seen several such attempts:   is one such novel attempt by Mr Kanchan Gupta.   is one more.

And i pray to God to bless them with success.

One further additions to the list includes :

I will keep updating the list to expand and include various others.

Another notable addition to the list is:

A legendary, and devoted soul working since long, to call the bluff of our Pseudo-secular Main Stream Media.
His insightful analysis and brilliant rebuttals are a delight to read.