The recent beheading of two Indian soldiers and subsequent mutilation of their bodies by 29 Baloch Regiment and LeT militants has generated a lot of anger on the Indian side. Though a lot of soldiers have lost their lives in cross-border firing, yet the killings do not enrage the public. The anger was at the mode of killing: Beheading.
So, the question that should naturally come to our mind is: whether Beheading is really that
gruesome and barbaric as we Indians are making it out to be.

Decapitation( or beheading) is an ancient form of punishment, and has been part of human society since eons. In some cultures, decapitation has been considered honourable form of punishment.
In Islamic societies, however, the punishment by beheading is considered a fitting one for a ‘Kaffir’.
That beheading is entirely islamic and sanctioned by Sharia can be seen from the article .

Now, keeping this in mind, you have to recall the war cry of Pakistani army:
Iman, taqwa Jihad fi Sabillah

(Faith, Piety & struggle in the path of Allah).

So an army which professess to uphold the way of Allah, and takes oath upon quoran should be normally expected to behave islamically.
Also the world may have moved on and has started recognising beheading as barbaric, yet quoranic words are the same for all times.
They are never to be shelved for any innovation( biddah). And all that matters for a believer is quoran. So when he beheads, he is of clean conscience, following what quoran says.
Those two beheadings were exactly the manifestation of Islamic leanigs of pakistani army.
They are not wrong in the least when they behead a Kaffir soldier.

The only people who are on the wrong side are the hindus. They have a thousand year history to learn how muslims would treat them the moment they are found napping.

But, alas! Hindus refuse to learn, and thus gift away the precious life of their soldiers under the show of AMAN KI ASHA.