Last month some 85 young Shia- Hazaras were killed.
Newspaper editorials were lamenting the loss of once tolerant Pakistan, and it’s slide into the abyss of sactarian hatred. 

Today, some 60 have already lost their lives, most among them include children and women. This hatred is ripping Pakistan apart.

And, for an Indian like me, and to be precise a Hindu, it is still mind-boggling as to why the hatred has grown for the ‘other’ so much that they can’t even tolerate their existence.

Although in last one month I have read a bit about the basic difference between the respective doctrines of Shias and Sunnis, and can understand the cause for enmity among them.
Yet to kill each other with such vengence requires a mind conditioned with hatred over years, so that even the mere face of the ‘other’ can trigger up so much emotions that you are ready to kill them with their childrens, mothers and sisters.

All this brings to my mind a scene from the movie called ISHQUIYA
in which after a bloody fight among the locals Arshad Warsi breathes a sigh and tells Naseeruddin Shah that ‘ theyare lucky as among Hindus, their is fight going on between Pandeys, Tiwaris and Yadavs’.

Now, I have no shame in declaring that I am lucky that I am a Hindu, and we are not fighting  like the muslims who are killing each other for being Shia, Sunni, Alwaite’.