The debate seems quite settled for now, if we go by the result of opinion polls.

But these poll results are deceptive, and a lot depends on the way in which they were conducted.

Great many writers have written critiques on Opinion Polls, and I feel I am inadequately skilled to discuss their efficacy.

However, all of them are corroborating one result: decimation of Congress. 

That, in itself, is a good news. But Congress has shown this ability of metamorphosing into a power house, in the very next Elections.

So, 2014 results do not say much about long-term future prospects of Congress. Its only consequence would be a setback for Rahul Gandhi. Whether that setback remains temporary or permanent, it depends upon the next government’s performance across the entire spectrum of Indian Society.

If they perform, the ‘Vanvaas’ for Congress would be prolonged. If they do not, I have no hassle in saying that Congress will come back to power once again to suck the last remaining blood of Indian society.

It is within this context, that I raised the question: Will Modi become PM?

The question even now appears tricky, and the answer even more trickier.

Any great leader worth his salt, who actually grew their stature by their own sword had two enemies: one in the Royal Castle, and the other inside enemy fort. For rising to the pinnacle of power, they all subdued or removed those internal challengers and only upon consolidating their hold over his own people that they undertook the task to fight an enemy king.

Modi, it appears, has already completed the half task by removing those challenging him, and his grip over BJP is strong. And, if BJP gets strong mandate, his grip over BJP will become firm. In fact, this is the path that he has already once followed in Gujarat BJP, and must not find much difficulty in replicating the success at national stage.

Then, comes the struggle to annihilate the Congress party. He knows, that if he fails to deliver, he would never be voted back to power. So, coupled with development works, he would try to throw Congress party in disarray by stoking rebellion through ranks, a la Indira Gandhi.

It is only once that Congress is demoralised and destroyed, that then he can hope to take the nation forward.